With 4 top 50 hit songs already to her credit, Genevieve Fisher continues to expand her influence on the Canadian Country Music scene.

Her performance at the 2012 CCMA New Artist Showcase in Saskatoon set the stage for Genevieve’s steady rise to the upper echelon of Canada’s new breed of Female Country Artists. This was followed by Female Artist of the Year nominations at the 2013 and 2015 Country Music of Ontario Music Awards. When not performing at some of Canada’s largest Country Music festivals, Genevieve finds herself collaborating with some of the brightest songwriters on both sides of the border.

She has already shared writing credits with Jason Blaine, Steven Lee Olsen, Patricia Conroy, Jason Massey, Jennifer Schott and many more. If it is true that you can judge a person from the company they keep, Genevieve is poised to make her mark on the Canadian music scene.