Jerico is Canadian Made Socially Conscious Apparel. We belabour the point because our decision to remain a domestic manufacturer is a deliberate choice to support the local economy, provide a safe working environment and make quality garments that stand the test of time.

Jerico was founded in 1987 by two brothers and two sisters. It was a family business that grew in leaps and bounds as the textile industry flourished in Canada. Knitting machines ran 24 hours a day, dyeing operations ran consecutive shifts and sewing had a tough time keeping up with demand. These were glorious days for all involved in the apparel business. However, in 2001, the quota on imports was lifted and the markets were flooded with low cost imports. Over night Canadian manufacturers came under increasing pressure to drop their prices and outsource their production. Jerico decided otherwise. We believed firmly in the quality of Canadian labour and the necessity for humanity in employment. Jerico’s success was not going to be based on the exploitation of foreign labour. The conditions of foreign factories are deplorable and the wages of their employees are dreadful. We conduct all our manufacturing in bright and airy premises with fair wages and complete medical and dental coverage. Our employees are part of the family business and partners in our success – and we like to treat them accordingly.

Keeping our production in Canada has not been easy. Competition is plentiful and the pressures to outsource are manifold. But we believe in the ethics of fair labour and the quality of our product. 100% Canadian and sweatshop free, Jerico is proud to continuously offer authentic Canadian apparel.

All of Jerico’s products are knit, dyed, cut and sewn on Canadian soil.

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