More than a clothing label. It’s a lifestyle.

In the heart of Canada’s leading city, caught in the midst of the roaring sirens, blaring horns and the thriving economy, nrth was born.
When associating yourself with this iconic, men’s lifestyle brand, the consumer will feel bold, courageous and adventurous – the same audacious feeling the designing teams felt while creating Toronto’s CN Tower.

Like every great empire, it starts with a strong foundation. By associating yourself with Toronto’s very own nrth, not only will you be supporting an ethically made 100% Canadian cut and sew label. You will look damn good doing it!

Founded in 2014 by two ambitious Toronto born and raised that now create the backbone to what nrth is today. With their eyes set on creating not only a clothing label but a lifestyle that go hand in hand, they made the jump answering the burning passion calling them.

… Join the Lifestyle.

Vision Statement: To increase awareness on ethically made garments, while becoming renown for a bold workplace environment, loveable customer service and a worldwide visually recognizable brand.

Mission Statement: Inspiring the way men feel while dressed in trending Canadian made garments.

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