What do we mean by “Your Event Starts Here”?

An event is an experience that ignites our senses. At a concert, we don’t only hear the music – we feel it in our bones. We see the lights and are face to face with our favourite performers. We join with others and celebrate those moments of passion and excitement together. Our favourite play can move us from sadness to joy. Buying a ticket is the beginning of a memory.

Ticketwindow provides you with that beginning.

Our Mission at Ticketwindow is to exceed client expectations by going beyond ticketing software. We provide solutions that transform the live event experience, enabling promoters to increase their bottom line and better serve their customers.

For Promoters

Ticketwindow, Inc. is a full service ticketing agency. We use a cloud based ticketing suite and that enables us to offer a complete range of solutions to empower any event or venue with the tools needed to maximize event ticket sales.

Our box office support staff stands behind a tradition of personalized customer experience. Our services include Marketing, Social Media promotion, Event Staffing and Call Centre support for ticket purchases.

Ticketwindow ticketing services is exactly what you need to focus on what you do best, event organizing. Let our professionals represent and promote your event brand and give your customers the support they deserve.

The Founder – Paul Rivard, a recording artist and live performer for over 25 years, and since 2004 founder and president of Ticketwindow Inc., a company built on years of Mr. Rivard’s experience in the entertainment industry and working with live events. In early 2000, Mr. Rivard operated an advertising agency supporting live events through radio, newspaper and TV. Recently in 2016, Mr. Rivard’s experience as Festival Director for the London Beatles Festival gives organizers the benefit of having that knowledge available to them as he and his staff brings a unique perspective on ticketing and branding events.

TicketWindow Inc.

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