Let’s get serious – we are essentially selling adult pyjamas (and a few other really cool things), so there isn’t much more to say. We all know life is demanding, and you work hard to meet your goals – sometimes you just need to chill!

We created UNI chillwear because we wanted to be comfortable and look dope while doing it. The brand concept came to our founder, Ryan Corry, while playing pro hockey in Lyon, France. His Swedish roommate had a onesie and would wear this thing everywhere; he always said it was the most comfortable thing he owned. Fast forward one year and back in the Canadian Rockies, boom – UNI chillwear. Our adult onesies are the epitome of comfort and style. They look cool and feel like your wearing your bed – check that box off.

Our passion has grown from wanting to be lazy and comfy on Sunday – to a working brand that sells the most comfortable and chill gear on the planet. We started with onesies and have stepped into shirts, sweaters, sunnies and hats. We are proud to say that our sweaters and shirts are Canadian made and comprised of organic cottons. As a Canadian company we know how cool it is to actually have products manufactured, designed and printed here.

UNI represents much more than a brand name. Our clothing line encompasses a commitment to chilling. Take time, reflect, dream, relax, laugh and love. Whatever you find chill – make sure you live in that moment, we are here to help.

“Ultimate comfort is not a style that fades, nor is it exclusive; we all deserve it. So embrace your chill – you earned it”

Ryan Corry – Founder

Jeff Sapieha – Co-Founder