What inspired you too start a clothing company?
While driving home from a Seattle Mariners game, upon moving to Vancouver the week before, a seemingly innocent conversation about gym apparel morphed into a decision for us to start our own clothing brand. Inspired by what East Coast Lifestyle had done on the east coast of Canada we felt we could inspire the same devotion from people who live on the west coast.

Why Vancouver, why VNCVR?
What struck both of us upon moving to Vancouver was how diverse the culture is, and how friendly and open everyone seems to be. Maybe we were naïve but we felt like the city was changing our lives, we had both just quit our jobs deciding bartending was a safer choice then your typical trades job as a heavy-duty equipment operator and journeyman electrician. We were both sick of trading huge amounts of our time working away from family and friends for money. Our decision to move to Vancouver seemed to be a spark for us to get out of a stagnant situation. While keeping his priorities in line Derek came up with VNCVR while selling gym memberships one day at work, the logo would follow the next afternoon. In deciding upon VNCVR we were cementing how we felt about the city of Vancouver and what it meant for our futures. If we felt this strongly about the city and we had just moved here it dawned on us that many other Vancouverite’s probably had an even deeper connection.

Why the BC Children’s Hospital?
Derek was the brainchild behind adding a social initiative after listening to a podcast about the Toms Shoes One for One donation. Shortly after we heard about the Life Is Good clothing brand and their donation of 10% of its net profits going to help kids in need. Deciding upon a charity was simple, we had both grown up huge hockey fans and all of our heroes supported the children’s hospitals in the cities they played and where they grew up. The more we thought about it the more we realized how lucky we are to have such a strong support group of family and friends. We both have brothers and sisters and to think of losing one of them is a devastating thought. Kids represent what life should be about, there should be more play and creativity in everyday life. They are the heart of any community, as there is no future without them. Growing up is hard enough as bullying and prejudices are everywhere; to also have to deal with potential life threatening illnesses is heartbreaking. Our hearts go out to the families who are coping with life altering threats from disease and sickness. Kids are our future and our mission is to help provide them with the best possible chance of having a future.

VNCVR Clothing
939 Expo Boulevard Unit 3001, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
phone: 778.953.5388