Proud Early Bird of Craft Beer – The Big Rock Story

17,000 years ago, a glacier carried a huge rock onto the Alberta prairies where none like it had been before. This “big rock” is the glacial erratic we take our name from, as no doubt, our founder’s notion of creating a craft brewery in 1985 was a bit erratic at the time.

The rooster represents our early arrival as craft brewers. It’s also a bit of a nod to the “cock of the walk” bravura that Ed McNally had when he started Big Rock Brewery.

We craft our beer with our brewmasters’ skill and imagination, utilizing local ingredients and innovative processes, all rooted in Ed McNally’s original passion for excellence and in doing things differently and better.

We have breweries in Calgary, Vancouver, and Etobicoke along with brewpubs in Vancouver and Toronto.


Big Rock Urban Brewery
310 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5Y 1G9
Phone: 604.708.8311