It’s our privilege to be the community liaison for beer and beer culture and we don’t take this role lightly. The beers we make are a direct reflection of the values and personalities of you –our customers and our community.

Our beers are fresh and delicious because we make them using the best ingredients for everything we produce. Which isn’t hard here in Alberta. We are literally surrounded by a sea of barley, making (in our opinion) Calgary the ‘Last Best’ opportunity for the craft brewing industry and brewers like us.

In fact, ‘Last Best’ goes all the way back to the turn of the 20th century when the Canadian government launched ‘The Last Best West’ campaign, calling Calgary the last best chance in the modern world for homesteaders to lay roots and shape their futures.

We think the accomplishments resulting from the first ‘Last Best’ initiative have paved the way for the budding craft beer and distilling industries here in Alberta.

We honour this historical spirit through our name and our unwavering commitment to making delicious well-crafted beer.


Last Best Brewing
607 11 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta Canada T2R 0E1
Phone: 587.353.7387