Second Bloom is a manufacturer and retailer of hand-crafted furniture made from reclaimed wook and architectural salvage.

The story of Second Bloom Design began back in the summer of 2005, when our grandparent’s farmhouse was scheduled for demolition. As we wandered through the house one last time, each room held within it so many memories; the smell of our grandmother’s freshly baked cookies, childhood games of hide and seek, and years of family gatherings on the screened porch. It all made letting go that much harder. While we couldn’t keep everything, we decided to claim a few keepsakes in the form of some vintage architecture and salvage pieces to help us remember the house we loved.

Not long after, we created our own unique pieces from the salvage, paying homage to the memory of the farmhouse. People soon began showing an interest in our one-of-a-kind furniture, and everyone loved the special story behind each piece.

Unique architectural salvage and vintage pieces have become a part of our signature style at Second Bloom, where we pride ourselves in creating design with a history. Working primarily with locally harvested wood, our Canadian made, handcrafted furniture is unique, simple and filled with character. Older wooden structures like homes, barns, churches, and schoolhouses supply us with salvage that is naturally worn and weathered, making it a beautiful and responsible choice for your custom-made furniture.

Along with our reclaimed wood and salvage furniture, we also create industrial furnishings and live edge pieces. Each Second Bloom piece is constructed on site, crafted with precision and finished by hand. We also specialize in custom projects, working directly with our clients to ensure you receive a piece you will love for years to come.

At Second Bloom Design, we are an independent manufacturer and retailer of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted furniture. Each piece is a guaranteed original; designed and created using reclaimed wood and architectural salvage. Fill your home with the warmth and character of our re-born treasures, and become a part of the history that is built in to every piece.

Second Bloom Design
4218 Catherine St., Dorchester, Ontario Canada N0L 1G0
Phone: 519.202.0189