Tim Horton’s was founded in 1964, by hockey legend Tim Horton and we’ve been serving Canadians fresh coffee and baked goods for more than 50 years. Since then they’ve grown to more than 3,000 restaurants across North America.

Over the years, Tim’s added great things to the menu, from iced cappuccinos to freshly made sandwiches, but it’s still our always fresh coffee that keeps people coming back for more!

While the Tim’s “family” has grown over the years, they’ve never lost the sense of commitment to the community.

From the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation to our Sustainable Coffee initiatives, Tim’s tries to give something back to all the communities that have helped us along the way.

So drop by for breakfast, lunch or a snack throughout the day. It’s always fresh!

Tim Horton’s
Everywhere, Canada
website: www.timhortons.com