“I Blend My Tea” are a team of Tea Sommeliers and Tea Blenders truly passionate about great tasting teas, we are thrilled to tea’s flavors, aromas and colors, and we like to share our love for tea with you. But not only that, we envision our business to be yours too so you can create your own blend satisfying your personal palate.

Our passion is to enjoy a nice cup of tea while working, studying, relaxing, or sharing time with friends. We perceive tea as a sweet balm to our souls, and wish to transmit that to you.

We encourage you to imagine your blend, sense aromas and flavors, transport your mind to loved places and create your own blend. Request it to us. We’ll make it for you based on your choices. You will be the designer and we will be “the sorcerers” that will mix the finest ingredients to create the most tasteful, original and personalized tea you can envisage.

We also invite you to taste our loose leaf teas; we have great teas from China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Argentina and other countries. In our store you will find tea varietals and blends, herbal and fruit infusions (those without tea leaves).

Every month, we will choose the “Blend of the Month” from those that blended their own teas with us. The winner will receive a free, 50gr. Own Blend with the next purchase.

You are invited. It is time to create, it is time to enjoy, it is time to Blend your own Tea, have fun.

I Blend my Tea
phone: 289.813.2660
email: info@iblendmytea.com