Reflect the country spirit:  At New Country Spirit we believe that the country lifestyle means different things to different people… It could mean everything from going to country music concerts/festivals to sitting by a bonfire; from line dancing to rodeo; from life on the farm and horseback riding to exploring the most spectacular views of the countryside. No matter what it means to each of us, we believe there is a little bit of the country spirit in all of us – it’s in our heart and soul.

Blend new processes with craftsman techniques:  Country lifestyle also brings to mind values of hard work, perseverance, pride in workmanship, creativity as well as a respect for how things were made ‘back in the day’. We wanted a down-to-earth, spirited collection of country lifestyle pieces that reflect these values so our artists blend new processes with traditional craftsmanship like hand forging iron, carving wood, beading by hand, weaving, knitting, braiding, sewing and hand tooling leather.

Support Canadian artists:   New Country Spirit is honoured to work with artists who proudly handcraft high quality items with creativity and passion. All our items are inspired by people, places, music and nature’s elements. We love country music and whether classic or new, there is a heart and soul…a spirit, to country music that is universal. It tells a story. It tells our stories. We are very honoured and thankful for our collaborations with country music artists like Andrew Hyatt, Riki Knox and Patrick James Clark- they are such great ambassadors for our brand.

Give back to the community:   Whenever we can, we try to choose shows, festivals, events, etc. that in some way benefits the community. We have been honoured to be part of Elyse Saunders’ Warm Coats Warm Hearts Benefit concert and coat drive, Mississauga-Dixie Rotary Line Dancing fundraiser, Scarborough Hospital Sip, Shop & Celebrate Women, Dancin’ for Miracles hospice fundraiser in Collingwood.

Our location:   We are an online store and do pop-ups in the community and we’ve been at Trackside Music Festival, Mississauga Waterfront Festival and many other country music events. We are also thrilled to be partnering with Coakley’s in London – our first retail location!!

New Country Spirit
Ontario, Canada
phone: 905-867-6152