The wood used in Riverwood Acoustics speakers is what’s known as “old growth” timber, which grew hundreds of years ago under ideal conditions thanks to lower light, cooler temperatures, and optimal soil conditions. This resulted in a stronger, tighter, and denser grain wood compared to current cuts of wood. These logs are retrieved from the depths of the Ottawa River by eco-divers, kiln-dried, and handcrafted by the Riverwood Acoustics team into a unique, rare speaker that boasts unparalleled sound quality.

Ask any musician and they’ll tell you, the advantages of wood in terms of acoustics and sound are unmatched by any other material. Not only are Riverwood Acoustics speakers made of 100% reclaimed “old-growth” birch Riverwood, but thanks to the conditions at the bottom of the Ottawa River, our wood is perfectly preserved for over a century. The high pressure, lack of oxygen, and cool waters has lead to wood that optimizes the quality of sound, making it better than any other wood speaker on the market.

During the age of the booming 1800s, the logging industry in the Ottawa Valley used downstream waterways as the main way of transporting logs from forests to sawmills. Many of these logs were so dense that they inevitably sank during their voyage, allowing us the opportunity to revitalize one of nature’s gifts, while simultaneously saving our current forests and trees from logging and deforestation today.

Riverwood Acoustics have spent countless hours engineering and perfecting our audio components and industrial design. Riverwood Acoustics use the latest technologies available to construct and create our designs. Riverwood Acoustics speakers are beta tested by professional musicians who demand audio excellence. These steps help us to ensure that our speakers perform above and beyond the expectations of those most important to Riverwood Acoustics, our customers.

Riverwood Acoustics
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