Vancouver Candle Co. was born out of the passion of Nick Rabuchin. His ability to create unique fragrances, mixed with a dedication to traditional artisanal craftsmanship, has created a cult-like following for his fine home fragrances.

Those who ask Nick what makes his products so special will soon hear all about the science of candle making, including how to maximize the hot and cold scent throw, optimizing the scent-to-was ration, using on appropriate size and material for the wick, and various other tricks that he has learned over the years to ensure his candles burn cleanly and consistently. Recently, Nick has been increasingly interested in other methods of fragrance dispersion, and has introduced scent diffusers into his new collection.

Using traditional techniques, Nick’s candles are handmade from premium soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and a combination of all-natural essential oils which are carefully combined with perfume-grade fine fragrance oils. Meanwhile, his diffusers are similarly made with perfume-grade fragrance and essential oils, but also voc-free diffuser bases and reeds made of natural fibres. The highest quality materials are used to produce a rich, long-lasting fragrance without the use of potentially-harmful additives.

Each candle and diffuser is poured by hand in a small batch from his studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the utmost care and attention to detail. A true artisanal product, each Vancouver Candle Co. product is numbered and signed for quality control.

Vancouver Candle Co.
1017 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada