Every woman has a bit of blonde in them.
Whether it shines through in our golden locks or our playful personalities, when we embrace the fun and femininity inherent in each of us, we become our most radiant selves.

The brainchild of Megan Andre, a fair-haired fashionista with couture-driven wanderlust and established business savvy, Blondie Boutique sets out to bring the fashionable femininity so well-articulated in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world to Canada, where we don’t always have access to the latest styles from these fashion-forward nations. The concept for the brand took shape while our jet-setting entrepreneur was living in Australia; there, the sheer range of beautiful attire highlighted what smaller metropolises, like Megan’s home base of Calgary, Alberta, were missing.

Back home, Megan traded in the steel-toe work boots of the northern Alberta oil sands for stilettos, and began pursuing her pioneering passion in earnest. Drawing from her travels through countries like France and Iceland, she seeks out and purchases clothing lines from London, California, and of course, Australia. Never overlooking the bright future of Canada’s fashion scene, Blondie’s arms are open to innovative designers from our own proud country, as well.

Through their online store, Blondie makes shopping chic clothing for every body type convenient and affordable, without sacrificing great style. Every item you see was hand-selected by Megan, and because only limited sizes are available in each design, your clothing choices will be just as unique as you are. Blondie’s brick and mortar shop merges fine fashion with supportive retail therapists, ready and eager to help you choose a new look.

Strawberry, bleach, flaxen, golden; Blondie strives to appeal to the blonde in us all, offering fun, feminine apparel for every woman who has ever been blonde or endeavoured to go blonde, who idolizes Marilyn Monroe or Bridget Bardot, who cherishes the vivacity of their favourite golden-haired girlfriend. Rediscover top-notch style from around the globe, with Blondie Boutique.

Blondie Boutique
#101-1019 17 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta Canada
phone: 403.287.0442
email: megan@blondieboutique.ca