Canadian Apparel™ was made to showcase Canadians of different backgrounds brought together under the Canadian flag. Inspired by the diverse society of Canada and to the world, our colorful award winning parkas celebrate our differences and highlight our true colors. Each parka has it’s own unique emblem and color combination to show the love for Canada and your affinity home. Represent the unity of the world under the host Canada. We are all one but our differences is our beauty that weave our dynamic country and your dynamic parka. Canadian Apparel stands strong for our love This unique concept was developed by a young man named Faris Mirza, who was inspired by the image of Canadian athletes coming from so many different backgrounds to represent team Canada. This is true Canadian values, this is our CDN Apparel/ Canadian Apparel™.

May you pick your badge and we will make your coat in your colors, all on custom design.

Canadian Apparel
Toronto Ontario Canada