LocalBoom is more than just an online store. We are passionate about making change in our amazing country while creating a platform that empowers others to join in. Our goal is a full circle shopping approach that provides an outlet for Canadian entrepreneurs and makers of all kinds to sell their products and services while we donate parts of profits back into communities across Canada. We are industry leaders in the “Feel Good Shopping” and “Powerful Shopping” movement.

LocalBooms donations have varied so far from 100 bars of soap to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter in Vancouver, to dog food to a pet rescue, money to food banks across Canada, as well as to individuals.

Call it a social enterprise, mindful shopping, powerful shopping, corporate social responsibility…whatever! The point is, we all have the power to make a change in our community, and LocalBoom® is one small step towards that.

Join us and be part of the boom!

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
phone: 778.868.5784
email: skieboom@localboom.ca