Monkeys And More sock monkey maker Sherrie Kearney runs her business from Digby, Nova Scotia. Sherrie started the company in 2014 after she had two heart attacks and a stroke and she needed to figure out a way to work from home.

Why sock monkeys? Sherrie says:
“Everyone loves sock monkeys so why not? It was suggested I make them. I made twelve and went to a craft show and did not sell any. I came home and decided to put them online for sale and sold two right away.” The online-only business was born.

Nearly 5,000 of Sherrie’s HANDMADE sock monkeys (and sock cats, dogs, horses and even sock mermaids) have ended up across Canada and the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, England, France, Germany, Spain, China and many other places.

Sherrie makes each one by hand one at a time so you know it is made with care and love.

Monkeys And More
Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada
phone: 902.245.2256