The Wolfe Company owners story…
I was born and raised near Toronto, but moved to Belgium before the Canadian culture really soaked into my bones. Now, looking back in hindsight, I see that being away from home was what made me fall in love with this amazing country we call Canada. No matter how many times I moved house, or city, or country, I always called myself ‘Canadian’.
As a kid, being Canadian didn’t mean much to me. Canada is always overshadowed by ‘the American Dream’ or some other exotic paradise. I fell into that trap, like many of us, and left Canada for some place that somehow sounded ‘better’. It was only when I went in search of something ‘better’ that I discovered just how blessed I am to be Canadian.
Now that I am grown up, and just so in love with this country, I’ve started this brand, Wolfe Co., as an homage to Canada and Canadian spirit. Canada is safe and beautiful and free and full of amazing craftsmen who have come together to produce the products you see here.

As you may have guessed, giving back to the local community is essential to the Wolfe Co. mission. Our Northern Strong Collection is aimed at doing exactly that! 10% of every Northern Strong branded item you purchase will go towards the Oakville and Milton Humane Society, a charity that has no government support and relies solely on donations. Post your purchases online with #NorthernStrong and #WolfeCo to share your good deeds with us!

Wolfe Company Apparel & Goods
Oakville, Ontario Canada