What started as our small local blog, now has transformed into our small local ‘lifestyle’ retail space in downtown, London, Ontario. Best described as a shop where the love of tonal and texture unite – sprinkled with a dash of eclecticism.

The product sold at Lofthouse Living takes form in everything from a greeting card to a harvest table. Essentially we sell anything and everything we collect, create, and love.

Dreaming & creating together since 2010
When best friends fall in love, things seem to fall into place quite quickly after that. It was a brief engagement for Jennifer and Jesse and a beautiful wedding. They settled into their first apartment in Obsborne Village (Winnipeg) and fell in love with the local shops and restaurants that surrounded them. The dream was always in the back of their minds of one day opening their own store. The Osborne Village inspiration was where their first blog came to life– it documented original content they collected of local shops/restaurants and creative ventures they participated in.

The first year of marriage for the newly weds flew by and they were ready for a new adventure. Off to London (ON) they moved for Jennifer to take the two-year Fashion Merchandising program. Once graduation day was upon them – they both realized how hard they fell in love with London – leaving was not an option. After making the decision to stay, Jesse officially set up his painting business and Jennifer joined the team at Saffron Road as a buyer/manager.

A few years went by and two became three. Harrison Jack not only stole the hearts of this duo, but also opened their eyes and creative minds to an entire new world: baby//nursery.

Inconsistently blogging all this time – they decided to rebrand their blog to “Lofthouse Living”. They were then presented with a retail space they couldn’t pass up. In a matter of a couple months, and pulling from all the resources they had – the Lofthouse Living (little local) shop was launched! You are officially invited to join them on this journey – whether its “liking” a photo, visiting the shop or ordering online.

Lofthouse Living
171 Queens Avenue, Suite #103 London, Ontario Canada N6A 5J7