Attica Riots formed from the remnants of a pair of long-running and well-known Winnipeg rock outfits, Attica Riots deliver an impactful shot of sonic urgency through a seamless synergy of rock-solid musicianship and sharp lyricism. It’s a sound rooted in buoyant, upbeat alt-rock but bolstered with elements of everything from dance to punk to sticky, straight-up pop. And while they’ve been appeasing a growing fan base with buzzed-about performances and informal releases over the years, Attica Riots – comprised of the core trio of Bobby Desjarlais, Anders Erickson, and Kyle Erickson – are set drop their anxiously awaited full-length debut in 2016.

Produced by Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Imagine Dragons), the album perfectly embodies the aforementioned hybrid of musicality and acute social commentary. Put simply, it’s about taking complex ideas – witty, wise, and wary – and relaying them through a more accessible means.

The soundtrack to that dialogue is equally as accessible. Tracks like “I’m Not The Only One” and “Give It To Me” are darkly infectious, appealing first to the body and then to the mind. their propulsive, danceable beats and sticky leads get you moving and, shortly after, singing along. Equally as memorable and moving, “Misery” and “Love Sunshine and Hysteria,” on the other hand, are bouncier and more cheerful – at least musically.

The entire collection, tracked at L.A.’s illustrious EastWest Studios, benefits greatly from Needham’s Midas touch. But despite their polish, the songs maintain the organic appeal that earned Attica Riots their initial attention.

They’ve already got hoards of followers and industry heavyweights in their corner thanks to past successes and present potential, and once their proper LP is delivered, Attica Riots will see their music and the message behind it cause the best kind of uproar.

Attica Riots
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada