Fallen Heirs is a hard rock band formed to represent those who live wildly, seek freedom from monotony, and know how to stand up when they have been beaten down. Constantly immersed with writing, recording and performing, Fallen Heirs has developed a familiar yet distinct hard rock sound that attracts fans from across the globe.

Banded in 2011, Fallen Heirs has since formed a loyal following. They have a powerhouse lineup of rock musicians and a steady repertoire of hard rock songs and power ballads. In 2013, their full throttle single ‘Wake Up’ was released and later licensed for use in Don Cherry’s Rock ‘em Sock ‘em video. In 2016, their EP ‘Eyes Wide Open’ was released, and Fallen Heirs was nominated as ‘Hard Rock band of the year’ by the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

Fallen Heirs filmed a music video for their ballad single ‘Brave Will Fly’ which attracted radio airplay from 94.9 FM in Ontario, and generated over 25,000 views in the fist month of it’s release.

Fallen Heirs’s high energy live performance has made them THE go-to hard rock band called to open for top hard rock bands when they tour Canada. Buckcherry, LA Guns, Scott Weiland, Lita Ford, The Wild, Age Of Electric plus many more international and local artists have hired Fallen Heirs as the opening performance to warm up the stage and audience.

Fallen Heirs is currently booking a Canadian tour for fall 2017, and a U.S. tour spring 2018. New material will be released late 2018.

Fallen Heirs
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Email: jay@fallenheirs.com