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INDIVA is a Canadian Supplier of High Quality, Medical Grade Cannabis.

Our strain selection, cultivation and client care processes combine the know-how and experience of an internationally recognized and award winning grow-team with GMP-compliant quality assurance standard operating procedures.

INDIVA is focused on providing medical-grade cannabis to medical and adult-use clients, both domestically and internationally.

INDIVA Beliefs
We believe our clients are our top priority. Our clients deserve high quality, consistent and safe cannabis products delivered by knowledgeable, compassionate and easily accessible client care professionals.

We believe in eating well, exercising, having fun, being kind, doing good, and using cannabis responsibly to contribute to a healthy and happy life.

With cannabis prohibition ending in Canada, we believe it is time to explore and discover more about this wondrous plant.

We also believe in environmental sustainability. We recycle wherever we can – from the heat generated by our grow lights to the paper products we use in our offices. We compost our plant waste products into fertilizer which is donated to local farmers. These and are other environmental sustainability initiatives, including our tree planting program, are led by our very own Green Team – a group of our employees that have designated themselves as guardians of the environment.

Our home is in London, Ontario. We believe in being a good neighbor, contributing to the London community by purchasing from local businesses, working with local area charities, supporting local chapters of patient group societies and foundations and collaborating with local hospitals, doctors and other health professionals.

London, Ontario Canada
phone: 888-649-6686


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