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Oven Brothers was co-founded by three friends with the goal of creating the ultimate affordable backyard wood burning pizza oven. We started our endeavour in the summer of 2017 when we put our design idea to paper in order to create what would become our flagship model: The Original Bro ™ wood burning pizza oven.

Aiming to produce the most efficient way to cook a pizza, and to bring an industrial look to our backyards, we designed our ovens to be both high performing and attractive. Our approach to design encompasses the use of high quality carbon steel for it’s natural beauty along with fire brick for their amazing ability to retain heat. But we didn’t leave it at that.

We also left some room for your imagination and the possibility to customize your oven with high heat paint, or leave it to patina naturally. Oven Brothers guarantees you will enjoy your oven as much as we do in our own backyards.

From our families’ backyard to yours

Oven Brothers is proud to manufacture 100% Canadian made outdoor wood burning pizza ovens. Our unique design, locally sourced materials, and quality craftsmanship is just the beginning. We believe in securing jobs, creating new ones, and giving back to our community. PURCHASE AN OVEN TODAY……Make Canada Proud!

Oven Brothers Ltd.
1568 Merivale Rd Suite 511, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
phone: 1.833.OVEN.BRO